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Your hero could be a CNN Hero!

They're your friends, your colleagues, or someone you admire -- and they're doing extraordinary work to help others. Now we need YOU to tell us about them!

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Attention Team Trump: Globalism works in fighting terror

The White House has billed the President's first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia as a "historic gathering" to "combat extremism, terrorism and violence" and "build a coalition of friends and partners who share the goal of fighting terrorism and bringing safety, opportunity and stability to the Middle East."

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Our love-hate relationship with air travel

When it comes to air travel, the stories never seem to stop. Whether it's over a brawl, a dead giant rabbit or a pie in the face, airlines are taking a drubbing these days. CNN Opinion asked our well-traveled contributors to weigh in on the good, the bad and what they think should change about air travel. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the authors.

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Trump is the dupe in Russia photo op

Trump got trolled when he bungled the optics in meeting with Lavrov, Kilsyak while Russian (but not barred US journalists) took pictures for the internet--a good laugh for Russian officials, but one they might regret, writes Frida Ghitis.

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