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EU LCS playoff teams confirmed

After an exciting season, the European League Championship Series (LCS) playoff teams are all set. The last week of the summer split determined which teams were headed to the playoffs to fight for the European crown and which would be relegated to the promotional tournament to fight for a berth in next year's spring split.Editor's Picks

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After the first day, the placements were guaranteed. Unicorns of Love (UoL) claimed the sixth spot with its five wins, seven ties, five losses and 20 points overall to finish the playoff picture. Schalke 04, Team Vitality, Origen, and Team ROCCAT ended as the bottom four teams for the summer split.

Origen and Team Vitality, in particular, were disappointments in the European LCS. Both teams came into the split with plenty of expectations and positive past results. Origen went through a split of turmoil with position changes, player swaps, and the return of Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martinez. Team Vitality simply did not jell together. All four teams stand a strong chance to retain their spots in the next split, but nothing is guaranteed.

Highlight match: H2k-Gaming against UoL

This best-of-two was a preview of how playoff games may turn out. Both teams needed either a victory in this match or a loss from the lower teams to further establish its positioning for the playoffs. H2k-Gaming's play against UoL seemed relatively straightforward; UoL needed a snipe-out or a big mistake from H2k-Gaming in both games to survive. In the process, UoL showcased their ability to slow the pace of the game and play impressive defense.

However, H2k-Gaming's performance was an illustration of the average playoff team: solid execution in team fights; pervasive map control and vision; and unrelenting pressure. At the same time, H2k-Gaming's occasional overaggression and miscommunication provided a perfect example of what teams should avoid. That said, UoL's resilience in both of its games demonstrated how hotly contested any playoff game will be, regardless of record.


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