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Playoff push: Celts-Cavs, Clips-Jazz and the race for East’s final spots

What's at stake in the final days of the NBA's regular season? How about the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, with the Cavaliers and Celtics separated by a single game with one game left?

With the playoff picture changing daily, here's an updated look at the postseason races to watch, with the latest Basketball Power Index (BPI) projections of where teams are likely to finish.

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Editor's note: BPI odds through April 11 games.

Race for No. 1: Cavs vs. Celtics

1. BOS 52-29 1/0
2. CLE 51-30 1 1/0
Cleveland owns
head-to-head tiebreaker

Boston Celtics
Odds for No. 1: 82.5%
Next game: Wed. vs. Bucks

Cleveland Cavaliers
Odds for No. 1: 17.5%
Next game: Wed. vs. Raptors

Who will rise in the East? Cleveland surrendered the top spot in the East on Monday after dropping a nail-biter to Miami in overtime, keeping the Heat's playoff hopes alive. With a victory over the Nets, the Celtics clinched the Atlantic Division title and are now a game ahead of the Cavaliers with one game remaining in the regular season. If the Celtics win Wednesday against the Bucks, or if the Cavaliers fall against the Raptors, Boston is the East's No. 1 seed.

Boston appears to have the inside track, with The Greek Freak and three other Bucks expected to miss Wednesday's finale. Meanwhile, LeBron James is likely to sit out the finale with Toronto.

Wild, wild East: Race at the bottom

7. IND 41-40 1/0
8. CHI 40-41 1 1/0
8. MIA 40-41 1 1/0

After Atlanta clinched the No. 5 spot with its win over Charlotte on Tuesday, Chicago, Indiana and Miami remained locked in a battle for the final two postseason berths.

Chicago appears on an easier path to the playoffs since the Nets announced they would sit six players in their finale with the Bulls on Wednesday. That leaves Miami and Indiana likely battling for the last spot. But those two teams are facing foes who have clinched and are locked into their playoff berths, raising the possibility of extensive rest for Hawks and Wizards starters on Wednesday. That could create a scenario in which all three teams vying for the last two spots win, which would leave the Heat out of the playoffs.

Here's a look at where each contender stands heading into the regular-season finale:

Chicago Bulls
BPI playoff odds: 88.9%
No. 7 odds: 28.8% | No. 8: 60.1%
Next game: Wed. vs. BKN

Indiana Pacers
BPI playoff odds: 83.6%
No. 7 odds: 67.2% | No. 8: 16.3%
Next game: Wed. vs. ATL

Miami Heat
BPI playoff odds: 27.5%
No. 7 odds: 3.9% | No. 8: 23.6%
Next game: Wed. at WSH

All of the Western Conference matchups are set for the first round of the NBA playoffs, with the only question being home-court advantage between the Clippers and Jazz. Click here to see how the playoff matchups would look if the season ended now.

Race for No. 4: Clippers vs. Jazz

4. LAC 50-31 1/0
4. UTAH 50-31 1/0
L.A. Clippers own
head-to-head tiebreaker

LA Clippers
Odds for No. 4: 92.3%
Next game: Wed. vs. Kings

Utah Jazz
Odds for No. 4: 7.7%
Next game: Wed. vs. Spurs

The Clippers and Jazz remain locked in a tie for the fourth seed in the West after both teams tallied victories Monday night. Utah defeated Golden State on the road, ending the Warriors' 14-game winning streak. The Clippers, who hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Jazz, routed the Rockets at Staples Center.

How important would home-court advantage be to the Jazz? As the No. 4 seed, Utah would hold a 51 percent edge in a series with the Clips, according to BPI. But if the Jazz fall to the No. 5 seed, they would indeed be underdogs, with only a 41 percent chance to advance to the second round for a potential matchup with the Warriors.

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